[News] EXO’s Kris Sighted at a Hospital in China

A fan has revealed the current condition of Kris (real name: Wu Yi Fan), who fled to China after filing a lawsuit against SM Entertainment on the grounds that the exclusive contract is invalid.

On May 28, an EXO fan in China uploaded the photo and text with it stating “I unexpectedly saw Kris at the Beijing Fu Wai Hospital. I saw him at the cardiovascular department. I hope he returns and takes care of his body well.”

In the photo, Kris is lowering his head to look at his phone. The hospital shown in the photo is famous for treating cardiovascular diseases. On May 15 when Kris filed the lawsuit, he asserted that he received a diagnosis for myocarditis, revealing the results of his blood examination.

The lawsuit between Kris and SM Entertainment is still proceeding. EXO held a solo concert from May 23 to May 25, stating that this was the start of the 11 member EXO, indirectly confirming Kris’s withdrawal.



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