[News] Boyfriend Delves into “Obsession” in New MV Teaser

Boyfriend Delves into “Obsession” in New MV Teaser

After releasing individual teaser shots for each member, Boyfriend is upping the ante in a new MV spot for impending comeback, “Obsession“!

The teaser, showcasing the boys’ new mature styles, seems to follow a darker theme than Boyfriend’s previous concepts. The boys are seen working out (hint: Hyunseong shows some abs!) and tinkering with chemicals while battling a wanted poster with a bounty. The song itself sounds promising, as dramatic violin riffs and catchy hooks are revealed.

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[News] INFINITE Takes Home Second Win with “Last Romeo” on “M!Countdown”

Infinite Takes Home Second Win with “Last Romeo” on “M!Countdown”

This week on MNet’s “M!Countdown,” male group Infinite took home their second trophy for “Last Romeo!”

Following their first win on MBC Music’s “Show Champion” on May 28, Infinite confirmed their hot popularity by continuing the winning streak. Although Fly to the Sky came extremely close with “You You You,” they ended up losing to the idol group with a small margin.

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[News] EXO’s Kris Sighted at a Hospital in China

A fan has revealed the current condition of Kris (real name: Wu Yi Fan), who fled to China after filing a lawsuit against SM Entertainment on the grounds that the exclusive contract is invalid.

On May 28, an EXO fan in China uploaded the photo and text with it stating “I unexpectedly saw Kris at the Beijing Fu Wai Hospital. I saw him at the cardiovascular department. I hope he returns and takes care of his body well.”

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[News] Seo In Guk Shows Fans Some Special Luvin’ at Taiwan Concert

Many fan girls must be jealous over the special treatment a particular fan received from Seo In Guk this past weekend.

Seo In Guk held his concert “Seo In Guk Live Show in Taipei 2014” in Nankang 101, Taiwan on May 24. He had a special time with a thousand of his fans, getting to perform his past hits “No Matter What,” “Love U,” and “With Laughter or With Tears.” Fans were in for a treat as they get to hear him perform his recent track “BOMTANABA” live for the first time in Taiwan.

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