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I earn a lot with points2shop and also bought a lot with the credits they gave me. For example look at the pictures below of what I bought with the points. You can register here  http://www.points2shop.com

 Register Here   http://www.points2shop.com

Points2Shop claims to pay you points to turn into cash or redeem on Amazon for filling out surveys. Easy enough. But, is this a case of what seems to be to good to believe, is to good to believe?

Sort of. Points2Shop works great for about a week or so. But once you start racking up some points; 1000, 1100, 1200, etc. (100 points = one dollar), Points2Shop will put your account on hold and freeze all of your orders, and in some cases reset your points to 250. They’ll prompt you to sent in a “Ticket” which is a complaint. It takes about 3 days for them to respond to your ticket. And once they respond, almost every time, they’ll make you just through a ton of hoops. They’ll ask for proof of who you are like your Drivers License. Once you provide them with that, they’ll want you to upload a photo onto Photo Bucket of yourself that they can see. After that they might re-activate your account, but they’ll want you to re-order anything you might have ordered and want you to pay for it. Example: if you bought a 100 point item prior to having your account held, they’ll ask the USPS to not deliver the item to you, and ask you to pay for that item again in order to get it. So on a 100 point item you would spend 200 to get it delivered. And if you had many items, you could go bankrupt re-paying for them all.

Also, in order to complete survey to earn points, you must jump through all kinds of hoops with the survey owners. They ask for your gender, race, how much your yearly income is, email address, phone number, and home address to name a few (in some “surveys” they ask for your Social ID number!). Basically it’s more than a survey, you might only be asked 5 questions, but you have to spill all your info to even qualify for a survey, and half the time you don’t qualify anyway, and then you just singed all your info away to the devil for nothing.

So, basically, while you can get some free stuff of Points2Shop, you have to virtually invite them into your home and tell them everything your mother always told you to never tell anyone.  The reality is, there is no easy way to make money, if your even looking into Points2Shop know that you jump through hundreds of hoops to get anything, and even when you do comply with all their hoops it’s still very slow to make any money; you could literally  make more in one day flipping Big Macs at McDonalds than you could in a month at Points2Shop. All-in-all it’s really a nightmare to earn 3 dollars. I would highly recommend that you don’t even waste your time with P2S and do something else like build tree houses or cut grass if you’re that desperate for money. But, the million dollar question; is P2S a scam? I would say not even to bother with it, it is a scam, but it’s really for you to decide.


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